Active Supporting Members

Mike Bergren

Mike is an icon in the Colorado Motoring Community and the Owner of The Man Cave Detail Shop and Automotive Center
His many accomplishments include: Former Curator, LeMay Car Museum, Board of Directors, Colorado Concours, 12 years, Board of Directors, Morgan Adams Concours, 5 Years, Board of Directors, DTC Chamber’s Summerfest, Founding Member of Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors, Board of Directors, Parkerfest Car Show

Arthur J. Bushell

Arthur started his fascination with cars at a very young age.  He started building his first Hot Rod at the age of fourteen. While continuing his love for cars he also become involved with airplanes.   He got his pilot’s license and owned many airplanes which led him to starting a Freight Airline while continuing his career as an Insurance Executive.

After selling the Airline he put his full attention to adding to his car collection.  He assembled a beautiful collection from a rare Buick Touring Car to Rolls Royces.
When asked what type of cars he collected he replied what every he likes.

Maybe this is why Founder Ray Cody asked Mr. Bushell to join the Founders Group to help organize and assist running the Cars and Colors Show in beautiful Telluride, Colorado.

Dan Caton

Dan has been a car guy since he was first seduced by the beauty and power of the 1960’s muscle, sports, and grand touring cars. He freely admits James Bond might have had something to do with it. Since then his tastes have broadened, and he has owned all types of cars from virtually every car-producing nation (“I skipped Russia, France, and Yugoslavia and have no intention of correcting these omissions”).

“The Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors will be the perfect marriage of my two passions,” Dan says. “The beauty of hundreds of spectacular examples of automotive history combined with one of the most beautiful places on earth. Perfect!”

Mike Danner

Mike Danner is a resident of Telluride Colorado. Mike is a Porsche aficionado and a visionary who has helped shape this world class event. Mike shares his passion for cars with his beautiful wife Ramona and his two sons Michael and Peter. When he is not attending the world’s best auto events in his spare time, he enjoys hiking and piloting the beautiful San Juan Mountains.

Morris Dillow

Morris Dillow has been a diehard “car guy” since he was 14 years old.  As a child, anything with wheels were at the top of his list.  At 14, Morris met a lively octogenarian, Austin Mitchell, who took him under his wing and introduced him to the Model T.  Morris learned from a master.  Austin taught him from the ground up and from the very beginning, Morris learned to do it himself.  From the engine, to the upholstery, body work, paint and free hand pin striping, Morris persevered to do it all and do it well.  There were a lot of busted knuckles and broken arms along the way.  (It takes skill to crank a Model T.)

Morris’s first car was a 1930 Model A two-door sedan.  He really wanted a Model T but the Model A was $150 and it was all he could afford at the time.  He moved on to a 1926 Model T pickup.  His ever supportive mother, Miss Ginny, was always patient but finally drew the line when he built a Model T pickup in her kitchen while she was at work.

Every car has a story, challenges, and triumphs.  Morris has assisted many people over the years with their cars.  He is the longest member of the Fox Valley Model T Club and has participated in several others.  He is a Master Judge for MTFCI (Model T Ford Club International).

His own fleet runs the gamut from a 1907 Jewel to an unrestored 1950 Ford custom convertible.  His favorite personal vehicle is the 1911 Model T Touring Car Brass Class. He has logged 9000 hours of labor on this beautiful vehicle.  It is impossible to tell that while this vehicle had been a car, it was a barn find and it was rumpled, rusted and parts were both scattered on the barn floor and in buckets.  This Tin Lizzy has been a  crowd pleaser at car shows across the United States.

Morris has traveled the United States with his “T” each year.  His children David, Johnny and Courtney have a rich tapestry of childhood memories from the back of a 1926 Model T pickup.

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon showed up September 2014 on main street when we offered our first Telluride trophy nights, with his resto mod red pickup. Since that time Bill has jumped in with both feet to help promote this world class event. A regular at our trophy nights, Bill is always eager to help promote the event in any way possible; from helping set up rain shelters to calling in a beer run. An entrepreneur of many fields, Bill is a successful well-known local fixture in our community, we consider ourselves lucky to have him as a founding member.

Rich Nuttall

Airport/FBO Manager

Born and bred on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. With an ocean across the street, Rich was an avid boater at a very young age, learning not only to sail, crew on regattas, but also to work in the boat yard among the seasoned boat builders. In addition to this passion in his early years, he began flying at the age of 17 and has been flying airplanes and helicopters ever since.

After serving in the U.S. Army and receiving a B.S. in Finance, Rich has spent the last 30 years in aviation teaching folks how to fly and managing airports. As the Airport/FBO manager for the past 22 years at the Telluride Regional Airport he has been keeping the airport on a sound financial footing, and involved with over $90 million in airport improvements.

Rich’s passion extends to automobiles too. He is currently doing a frame-up restoration on a 1965 Jeep Gladiator pick-up. He’s excited to help host the Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors at the Airport where great cars and airplanes will come together under one roof.

Linda Soucie

My Dad was a true car guy and taught me how to change the oil, tires and do minor repairs on my first car – a 1970 VW bug. I have a 1973 VW Super Beetle now that I am slowly restoring.

This is a photo of me and my dad’s first Bug Eye Sprite. It was a 1957 and this was taken in Dreux AF Base, France shortly before my 1st birthday (1960 something). Long before the days of child car seats, they used to put me in a plastic tub and slide me under the space behind the front seats. Only Healey people will understand this!

My Dad always had Healeys, owned 2 Sprites and three 3000s over the years. He always drove them and we actually used one in Hawaii for the 3 years we were stationed there as a family car for the 5 of us!

I also sent a photo of my Dad in his last Healy, a 1963 Austin Healey 3000. This was taken at the top of Independence Pass. He belonged to a sport car club out of Denver and they drove over Independence and down to Glenwood Springs for that car show. I think this was 1986. He bought this one from a college girl in Boulder who needed tuition money in 1974. It was a regular fixture at the Air Force Academy from 1974 until he retired in 1979. He knew a guy at the Black Forest FBO that would slip him a little Jet-A that he added to keep it running good when they did away with unleaded fuel! We drove it, with his ashes, to the Chapel for his memorial service. My sister has this car in Old Greenwich, CT and still drives it regularly.

I have moved on from sports cars to rodeo and roping horses. My primary road ride is a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel, which is almost always hooked up to a horse trailer. I am raising and training Quarter Horses now, for myself, kids and grandkids. In my spare time, of course!

I am  thrilled to be a part of the Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors.

Stephen Tebo

Stephen Tebo has been an entrepreneur and collector all his life, with an affinity for shiny things: shiny shoes, shiny pennies, and shiny cars.  He started out at the age of 8, shining shoes in his hometown of Hill City, Kansas.  He soon developed a passion for coin collecting, parlaying the hobby into a successful business, which paid for his college tuition.   After graduating from Fort Hays Kansas State College, he headed out west in a U-Haul with small daughter and his wife Shari, whom he married in his freshman year of College.  Arriving in Boulder in the late ’60’s, he opened Tebo Coin and eventually Tebo Store Fixtures, which became the largest distributor of store display cases in the United States.   The success of both businesses forced him to look for more space, which led to the development of his current company, Tebo Properties, now the leading commercial real estate owner and developer in Boulder County, with a diverse portfolio of more than 200 properties and nearly two million square feet of office, retail and industrial space.

Mr. Tebo’s passion for collecting did not end with coins.  In 1975, he bought his first classic car, a sleeve-valve, three-door 1925 Willy’s Knight.  His collection now numbers over 400 rare cars, housed in a warehouse in Longmont. Asked why he acquired so many cars Mr. Tebo replied, “when I was a kid I couldn’t have a car, so I guess I over did it a bit.” Mr. Tebo continues to make up for lost time. Recently he has acquired a 1929 Duesenberg and a mid-1950’s Shelby Mustang.  Other highlights of the collection are John Lennon’s white Rolls Royce, Steve McQueen’s Indian Chief, Frank Sinatra’s Jeep, the taxi used for the Jerry Seinfield show, a limited-production 1954 Kaiser Darrin, a room of Corvettes, British cars, vintage fire trucks and many more.  Four full time staffers work for the Stephen Tebo Car Collection and each car is driven at least every 90 days.  Mr. Tebo will occasionally grab one himself for a weekend spin.