Fine Arts & Sculpture Festival


Discover amazing works of Fine Art during the Cars & Colors Festival weekend!

Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village will be host to a select group of fine art art vendors where car lovers and art lovers alike will find jewelry, paintings, photography, ceramics, metalwork, glass and much more.

Heritage Plaza is located in the heart of Mountain Village, steps away from the free gondola, the Cars & Colors Lounge and the spectacular vehicles on the Telluride golf course.

The Fine Arts area is free for Cars & Colors attendees and the public to enjoy!

Mountain Village Heritage Plaza Fine Arts Vending Hours:

September 24, 2020, Thursday        5pm-8pm (During the Cars & Colors Taste of Mountain Village)
September 25, 2020, Friday           10am-5pm
September 26, 2020, Saturday       10am-5pm
September 27, 2020, Sunday         10am-3pm

What Artists are saying about the Fine Arts & Sculpture event:

“Telluride Cars and Colors/Fine Art & Sculpture Show is a GREAT! new show, in Telluride, Colorado, which takes place at the the top of Mountain Village. It’s a smaller show, more of boutique ‘collectors’ event, and my new favorite show. Although the numbers of attendees is lower than what you would expect from usual, larger shows, the ratio of discerning, qualified buyers is higher than I’ve seen at any show. The setting is fantastic, at the base of the lifts, 360 degree views of the Telluride Valley, free gondola ride access into Telluride, with many amazing restaurants and breweries to choose from. The time of year is at the peak of the Fall color change, and I was blown away by the intensity of the brilliant colors! Being from Utah, that’s saying something! Lodging accommodations are reasonable for a high end location, and Artists have VIP access to the Cars and Colors events which cater to collectors of vintage exotic sports cars. This gem of a show is destined to become one of the most sought after shows for Artists and Collectors!” -Craig Terry, Painter

FEATURED 2019 Fine Arts & Sculpture Artists

Cars & Colors

Artist Vendor Host

Michael Schuessler: Schuessler Studios

As an artist, I try to capture the spirit of life on the canvas. My background in the healing arts is extensive, e.g. The Kabbalah; psychology, specifically studies in symbolism; healing with sounding color; and mysticism. These studies, in addition to my artistic training and apprenticeships, enable me to capture the essence of mood upon the canvas— Defining the true essence of spirit. I believe the healing arts and the canvas arts can be one and the same.

Cars & Colors

Artist Vendor Host

Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler: Schuessler Studios

“Every picture tells a story! It’s an old saying but so very true, I believe photo’s tell stories whether from a long time ago or recent. I can feel the heartbeat in my photographs. I want others to experience when I am seeing and feeling at that particular moment I take a picture. They might not feel the exact emotion I am feeling but they will feel their own version of the story if they listen to their hearts Whether I am taking nature photographs or landscape photo’s or even portraits of others, each and every photo is special in that moment in time.

Marvin Blackmore: Blackmore Pottery

Marvin Blackmore was born in Farmington, New Mexico; at the age of 7 his family moved to Cortez, Colorado, where he was raised in the heart of Southwestern art. Being exposed to many various forms of art allowed Blackmore to escape a difficult childhood. Throughout the years he has mastered the art of pottery and is always innovating new ideas.
His pottery reflects multiple layers of clay slips in which he etches through to each wanted layer. The smallest of pieces takes a minimum of 130 hours.

Jude Bischoff: Fine Arts

The rhythms found in nature, the same rhythms found in music, flow off my brush and onto the canvas. When I hear the rushing stream, the song of the birds, and the wind billowing my canvas, I feel a direct connection to the driving force of the universe, both seen and unseen. I paint from my heart, there are no preliminary drawings or idea sketches. In fact, when I decided to attend a formal life drawing session last year, I discovered I did not own a drawing pencil. My work only progresses naturally, confidently using the brush to draw my painting.

Scott Brockmeier Photography: Scott Brockmeier

Scott’s years of experience taking pictures has led him to realize that photography is not about the camera or equipment, it’s about the mind’s eye. “Why would you waste your time indoors editing images when you could be outdoors perfecting the skill of capturing incredible shots and meeting people along the journey?”

Greg Davis Photography: Greg Davis

Limited Editions on Fine Art Museum Rag, Archival 12 Color Pigments Inks and UV Coated to insure longevity.

Sublime Rockers: Kevin DesPlanques

I craft my unique furniture using the stack lamination process. I use this process because it lets me create the shapes that express my artistic vision. I believe that my sculpted chairs are the most comfortable and ergonomically correct chairs on earth. I am a local artist that lives near Dolores, Colorado.

Diego Dominguez: Photographer

I use photography as a base for my work, combined with Photoshop and 3D. Sometimes I print my images on glass and add a background covered either in gold or silver leaf.

Nick Everett: Everett Studios

Hand-made, wheel thrown 1 of a kind porcelain pieces/dry surface of engobes, vitreous slips & stains

Foster’s Fine Art: Ben Foster

I begin by working the clay using various tools. The sculpture’s personality begins to emerge and the sculpture comes to life; creating movement and expression. Once satisfied with the clay design, the bronze casting process begins, using the ancient lost wax casting method.

Feldman Custom Knives: Loren Feldman

One of a kind custom knives – meteorite blades from the core of another plant older than the earth, gems from all over the world. dinosaur bone & T-rex handles, knife stands from gems & dinosaur bone.

Peter Freischlag

Peter’s free-flowing style makes his watercolors unique. Peter is a mood painter creating an impression of his sublet matter through the use of bold and energetic colors. Peter’s greatest satisfaction comes from the donation to worthy causes such as Habitat for the Humanity, the American Heart Association and the American Breast Cancer Society among others. His most recent large scale project was commissioned by Johns Hopkins in Baltimore where he produced some 50 originals for their surgery wing.

Natural Wood Edge: Rick Griggs

We use wood and stone with a sense of architecture, style and imagination to create each work so its natural beauty and qualities flourish. Each piece is an experience in tactile and visual beauty.

Turning Time Studio: Jonathan Glowacki

I work mostly with subterranean tree roots, as they contain the most intriguing characteristics, being the anchors that ground the trees to the planet. The process for every piece takes between 1-2 years from start to finish. First the water logged roots need to be meticulously cut up dried out. When the piece is dry and stable (12-18 months), it goes into the studio, is turned on the lathe, sanded, inlayed, oiled and branded.  And the process is completed.

Josh Hirt: Photography

As a former designer and builder, Josh is fascinated by places left to the harsh elements—man-made and natural—and how they intersect, transmute, and compromise one-another.

John Kennington: Photography

I’ve been taking photographs for over 40 years, primarily nature, landscapes, vintage Americana and travel. I grew up in New Jersey next to a National Wildlife Refuge, inspiring a lifelong interest in birds, nature and photography, and moved to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area in 1982.

Are these paintings or photographs? Everything in my booth is a photo, most printed canvas, both gallery wrapped, meaning the image wraps around the edges, or framed. I never use any of the digital tools that convert a photograph to a “painting”. The exact same images are also for sale as “normal” photographic prints. The combination of the canvas texture and the wrapped sides produces the depth you notice. Of course, it’s essential to start with a sharp, well-lit image!

Andrea Kreeger: Little Earth Art Studio

Oil paint on wood panel or canvas thick pallet knife technique colorful modern abstract including gold leaf or mixed media.

Martin Lambuth: Fine Art Painting

My paintings are about nostalgia and Americana, with the objective to regulate the decay of time, capture a bit of history and delight in past glories before they are forever swept from the landscape. No brushes were harmed in the making of my paintings. I paint primarily with plastic cards (credit cards, gift cards, room keys). My style gives the impression of realism at a distance and elements of abstraction up close, within layers of loose textures buried in rich color.

Andre LaSalle: Sculpture

Statement: Each sculpture is handmade from a vast assortment of discarded metals that have been salvaged and repurposed. The metal is gathered, assembled, cut, shaped, welded and forged. The body of work is called “evolution of a species: Divine Mortality.” This study has been underway for ten years.

Julie Leidel:The Bungalow Craft

I’m a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan inspired by The Arts & Crafts Movement (1880-1920) and The WPA era. My artwork evokes a feeling of yesteryear by engaging your memory’s perception of time & place. Gouache on illustration board, or acrylic on panel with custom quartersawn oak framing.

Rose Liddiard: Gourd Art by Rose

Carved gourds with etched or burned designs. Designed using salt, sand, gels, crushed leaves, cork, ink dyes, metallic or acrylic paints. Gourds are stitched with pine needles with added beads or antlers to finish.

Jerry and Marshall Locke: Walls That Rock

We are sculptors because we love stone. We are fascinated by what hides inside the stone and the process of discovery. We work in wonder of the colors and lines and textures that hide beneath the surface and we’re mystified by the geological processes and the length of time required to create them.

Presenting our work in the form of landscape is the most natural way for us to ask you to look deeper. Look deeper into the world around you. Look beneath the surface for the beauty around you and understand that it might take some effort to find it. Landscape allows us to present it, and place it in a world where each stone benefits from the diversity around it. Each is made more beautiful because of the others around it.

We see ourselves as much tour guides as artists. We take great joy in sharing the special places we’ve found in stone and in watching you discover a world that is just under the surface.

Marek Majewski

My main inspiration is to deliver elegant and modern jewelry based on unique design and show how beautiful amber can be.

Dean Malispina: Stone Steel & Heart

My name is Dean Malispina and I work with flagstones from around the world, raw steel and liveedge timber. I like to stay raw and natural with my designs. Hand cut stone, highly textured steel, and the natural beauty of live edge burl wood , creating art for the heart.

Bear McLaughlin: Bear Studios

I am Always trying new and different ways to enhance my paintings on aluminum,steel and copper. I am fascinated with different textures and patterns therefore I use metals that have patterns pressed into them. I use a combination of automotive, metallic and pigment dies to bring my artwork to life!!

Brent Nageli

Experience Brent Nageli’s unique color and images depicting Native American life and animals in the Southwest.

Pam Neely:

My artwork, a collection of abstract and floral abstract paintings, combining rich, deep colors and subtle shadings, presented on back painted glass.  The effect is quite unlike any other.  I start with a clear piece of glass, an empty canvas.  With a brush I blend the paints directly on the surface using heat and a combination of liquids to move my colors.  Creating a very organic, earthy feel.  It is then sealed permanently.

My painting reflects my experiences.  My experiences are borne of my environment.  I believe that experience is always positive or negative, never neutral.  It is as if my life is a creation of the art, not the other way around and, at this point, I see them as inseparable.

Shara Oliman: Fine Art Painter

Painting with paper- Hundreds of recycled paper pieces hand-placed as analog collage. Contemporary impressionist collage focusing on the natural world and simple beauty of every day life. Archival supporting materials used, including professional-grade acrylic adhesive, gessobord and varnish.

Daryl Price: Fine Arts

My main focus as a painter is to entertain, and maybe on a rare occasion, inspire.  I believe that art should be pleasing to the senses, and show  a level of skill beyond the ordinary.  I also think that it can be fun, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. My main focus as a painter is to entertain, and maybe on a rare occasion, inspire.  I believe that art should be pleasing to the senses, and show  a level of skill beyond the ordinary.  I also think that it can be fun, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 

Harry Roa: Harry Roa Studio

Specializing in the lost wax process and fabricating with precious metals I designs and manufactures using novel high quality gemstones. Sense of ergonomics and modern conceptual design ethic.

Scott Shangraw: Shangri-La Woodworks

Carved wood sculptures created by using a chainsaw & grinders to carve out tunnels, waves, folds & other unique designs. Unusual & forest reclaimed woods, such as Alligator Juniper, burls & more, are used for these one of a kind collections.

Jonathon Stopper: Simply Jonathon’s

Quality, simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of jewelry by, “Simply Johathon’s”, designer and craftsman,  Johnathon Stopper.  Devoting years to perfecting his unique line of custom jewelery, Johnathon’s work incorporates the classic elements of Scandinavian and German styles, with a distinctive New World Look.  Each stone is personally selected, adding to the consistent quality of each piece.

Craig Terry: Modern Rustica

I paint with mixed media materials such as ink, oil, and enamel paint on steel, aluminum, birch panel, and canvas. Each piece is an original.

Matt Timmermeyer Photography

Giclee prints traditionally framed behind museum glass and framed canvas wrap floats. Everything is framed with gorgeous 3-4” real wood moulding

David Uhl: Uhl Studios

After several years at the helm of Uhl Studios, an award-winning illustration company, David fulfilled his desire to move into Fine Art. In 1998, he created his first oil painting and, upon taking it to Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, he was eagerly welcomed as the first ever licensed oil painter for The Motor Company.

Kristy Woodhouse: Kristy Arts

Leaf paintings. These are American Sycamore or Cottonless Cottonwood. The leaves are pressed and painted with Acrylics. When they are finished they are coated with a UV resistant acrylic spray and framed in frames that enhance the rustic and elegance of the animal and leaf.

Featured 2018 Artists

More Photos from the 2018 Festival