2017 Winners!

American Concours People’s Choice Award Winner: Chuck & Ginger Freeman with their 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible

International Concours People’s Choice Award Winner: Dan Beck with his 1957 Alamo Beige MGA

Motorcycle Concours People’s Choice Award Winner: Michael Bohnmaier with the 1914 Feilbach Limited

Cool Cars on Colorado Saturday’s People’s Choice Award Winner: Lance Green with his 1957 Chevy Pickup

Million Dollar Highway Road Rally Winner: Jim Fisher (with Teagan Longtine, James Sanny and Logan Johnson) driving his 2009 Maserati Quattroporte, $10,000 in custom gems & jewelry sponsored by Omni Prive and Dolce

Photo Contest Winners:
Michelle Madd: Landscape Photo

$250 cash prize sponsored by Box Canyon Bicycles



Photo Contest Winners:
Wayne Emmons: Car Photo

$250 cash prize sponsored by Box Canyon Bicycle

Medallion Hunt Winner: Scott Jussell, Winner of $500 in cash sponsored by Property Management of Telluride

  1. They come for the colors, and they come for the cars. People enjoy the history, and they also enjoy the mystery. Telluride is full of both, and that’s for certain. When you find the medallion, you will not be hurtin’. Search in the sun, but better in the shade. Find the right spot, and you will have it made.
  1. From miners to skiers, we have a good time. Folks live life to the fullest, while still in their prime. The town was divided, between sunny and shady. Where there were working men, there was always a working lady.
  1. By now you have guessed on which side of town, if you look even harder, you might see the crown. When you watch a sad movie, you have a good cry. Sometimes you eat popcorn, to make time go by. We live in a society, of good women and men. If you ever get the blues, you’ll cheer up again.

The medallion was hidden at the Good Time Society sporting house on S. Spruce st. and E. Pacific st.